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Speeding up the journey of people’s development through quality education 

Explore our available training sessions. 

And learn from the best professionals in the market how to use the main tools and methodologies of the #tech market. 

Sideschool combines theory

with the best market practices. 

 Our team of specialists will assist you based on market experience in consulting focused on

Technology, Data, AI, and Human Development. 

We are expert curators in the #tech market. 


In Company or


Whatever your needs, 

 our school can provide you with 

 all the support and knowledge you need. 

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Browse through our online platform and take your career to the next level.

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In Company

Special deals for companies which want to take the best for their team, in-person or online. 



Conduct on-demand training; find the next class near you. 


E-learning mode

Begin your data-driven journey here 

and boost your development. 

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R$299 à vista
ou em 10x de R$34,90

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R$299 à vista

ou em 10x de R$34,90


R$299 à vista

ou em 10x de R$34,90

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R$199,90 à vista

ou em 10x de R$23,20

Recognized Instructors  

Learn from globally recognized professionals with experience in leading consulting firms and companies in Brazil and around the world. 

Specialized Curation

Support materials prepared by instructors and reviewed by the pedagogical team. 

24-Hour Support  

Our support team is ready to assist you 24/7. Additionally, you can directly contact our instructors through the platform to ask questions, give compliments, or provide feedback. 

Special Mentorship  

Access for 1 year

Network is Growth 

Advance your career with mentorship tailored specifically for our students. 

Purchase your training, attend classes, and complete activities at your own pace for a period of 12 months. 

More than just a certification: here, you connect with the largest companies globally and top professionals in the industry. 


Learn with the best  

professionals of the market 

Sideschool understands the importance of learning from those who truly understand the subject. Get to know the team of instructors who will help accelerate your carrer. 

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Our News 

We promise to only send you very relevant infromation to accelerate the development of your career wit htechnology, data, and AI. 

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